Top 5 Articles on Plain Bible Teaching in 2017

Top 5 Articles in 2017

Here we are at the end of another year. As I have done the past few years, I wanted to highlight the most-read articles on the site for this year. It is always interesting to me to see what makes the list. So here are the “top 5” posts based on the number of page views.

Top 5 new articles (posted in 2017):

  1. Being a Productive Christian (10.04.17)
  2. Who May Marry, Divorce, and Remarry? (09.13.17)
  3. Thomas Campbell: “Where the Bible Speaks, We Speak; Where the Bible Is Silent, We Are Silent” (02.15.17)
  4. Who Must Marry, Divorce, and Remarry? (09.20.17)
  5. Diligently Seeking God (01.04.17)

Plus, here are the top 5 older articles (posted in 2016 or earlier) that continue to generate interest:

  1. A Short and Powerful Sermon (09.17.05)
  2. The Older Women Must Teach the Young Women (05.02.12)
  3. The Fields Are White for Harvest (08.09.09)
  4. Having a Zeal for God (08.07.10)
  5. What Happened After Saul’s Conversion? (03.31.11)

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