NEW: Plain Bible Teaching Sermons

Plain Bible Teaching Sermons

I am happy to announce a new feature here on the website – Plain Bible Teaching Sermons.

Since 2007, I have been running another website – DIY Sermon Outlines – where I would post outlines of the sermons I had preached. Over that ten year period, there were hundreds of sermon outlines that were added to the site. I have decided now to move that content here to the Plain Bible Teaching website.

If you have already been following DIY Sermon Outlines, you will now find new outlines added here. The plan is that the old site will eventually be taken down and redirected to the new address.

If you haven’t been following DIY Sermon Outlines, go check out Plain Bible Teaching Sermons and search through the archives. This material is intended to be a source of ideas as you create your own sermons, short talks, articles, etc. As with everything else that is posted here, I hope you find the material to be helpful.

When you subscribe, you’ll also receive 3 free PDF’s: Plain Bible Teaching on Authority, the latest issue of Plain Bible Teaching Quarterly Review, and Through Many Tribulations.